Thursday, February 26, 2009

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

There comes in time in all our lives when we realize we are slowing down. I am there. Trying to be a coach and remain a competitive athlete, at the same time, can be complicated. You want your athletes to improve and believe in your coaching philosophy and you want to stay in the mix as an athlete. Is it better to be faster than all your clients and remain that way? It is for the athlete in me, but what does that say about my coaching? I am coaching poor protoplasm, or am I poor coaching protoplasm? Now, it is widely known that you dont have to be a great athlete to be a great coach. Good thing for me! As they often say- "Those who CAN, do. Those who CAN'T, coach.". But the athlete in me still wants to go fast and stay high on the food chain while seeing my clients improve and excel. Well, my God-stolen talents, combined with age are making it difficult to keep up. And, now I have 2 clients poised to kick my arse this year and 3 more nipping at my heels. One, swims 2 lanes faster than me and complains about his run (which rivals mine). The other guy just jumped in the pool yesterday after a year layoff and led our lane for the first half of the workout..................

So, I am taking page out of Steve Martin's playbook-of-life. He once suggested that it would be funny to just "talk wrong" around your infant child so that he/she grows up to speak gibberish. From this point forward, I am just going to coach wrong. Hard track workouts, the night before a
1/2 marathon. Shots of tequila in water bottles to dull the pain (hmmmm, that may actually be worth a try). Major equipment changes the morning of a big race. Screw this coaching gig! I want to kick their butts.

Your ever humble and gracious Triswami.

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