Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

I am sadly delinquent in keeping my postings up to date. In addition to my coaching business being strangely busy in the dead of winter, I have started a new business. It's jus-kine-ah-wutcha-do when your employer of 6 years becomes your former employer. So, in the interest of staying in touch but keeping in short and sweet; I leave you with these random thoughts-

Pale and fat is no way to enjoy a week in Florida.
Self employment has, thus far, been very busy. If I can get organized and into a routine, it could be great.
I am sick of indoor trainers and cold weather.....and we have at least 6 more weeks of this crapola.
My wife deserves a medal.
I owe a trip to Dan's new store- Endurance Sports and Recreation
Getting old sucks.
I hope Bruce recovers nicely.
Excel rocks!!!!!
The folks at Gran Fondo and Fleet Feet treat me like a rock star. I hope they never look at my race results.

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  1. Twit, tweet, you have stinky feet and yes your wife does deservie a medal:) You didn't wear the red speedo in Florida, did you? Hope you guys had a grand time. Back just in time for this heat wave, ha!