Sunday, February 8, 2009

Signing up v Throwin'down

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Today one of my clients stated that she had experienced her 312th wake-up call. She was referring to the task that lay ahead in prepping for IM. Her wake up call was a 2 hour r ide in the hills. Now, she has been doing her homework, but all the trainer rides and core strength sessions cant replicate a windy ride in nasty hills. She did just fine, but me thinks she did not have fun and was having visions of a meltdown at the 12 IM bike ride if she felt this bad after 2 hours. I assured her that she was on schedule, but the time for skipped, shortened or slacker efforts expired on Feb 1.

It donned on me that truly might not appreciate what lies ahead. So, i shared with hr a paraphrased quote form the great Joe Paterno. he had used this, or something damn close to it after his team which had enjoyed great success the previous year and pre-season hype, but lost early in the season.................................................................... 'the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is essential."

This is sooooo true for those engaging in the first season of racing their first Ironman.

It's exciting to sign-up, envision the day, covet the t-shirt and justify the tattoo. Race day, or at least the thought of it, is "sexy". Getting up at 4a for 5a swim workout is not. The thought of being fit enough to complete an IM is awe inspiring, while the thought of a 4 hour training ride, on a morning that you wake up and just lying in bed you feel like have ALREADY done a 4 hour bike ride, is daunting.

So to borrow a bit from JoPa- "The desire to BE an ironman is nice, but the will to PREPARE for it is mandatory."



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