Thursday, February 26, 2009

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

There comes in time in all our lives when we realize we are slowing down. I am there. Trying to be a coach and remain a competitive athlete, at the same time, can be complicated. You want your athletes to improve and believe in your coaching philosophy and you want to stay in the mix as an athlete. Is it better to be faster than all your clients and remain that way? It is for the athlete in me, but what does that say about my coaching? I am coaching poor protoplasm, or am I poor coaching protoplasm? Now, it is widely known that you dont have to be a great athlete to be a great coach. Good thing for me! As they often say- "Those who CAN, do. Those who CAN'T, coach.". But the athlete in me still wants to go fast and stay high on the food chain while seeing my clients improve and excel. Well, my God-stolen talents, combined with age are making it difficult to keep up. And, now I have 2 clients poised to kick my arse this year and 3 more nipping at my heels. One, swims 2 lanes faster than me and complains about his run (which rivals mine). The other guy just jumped in the pool yesterday after a year layoff and led our lane for the first half of the workout..................

So, I am taking page out of Steve Martin's playbook-of-life. He once suggested that it would be funny to just "talk wrong" around your infant child so that he/she grows up to speak gibberish. From this point forward, I am just going to coach wrong. Hard track workouts, the night before a
1/2 marathon. Shots of tequila in water bottles to dull the pain (hmmmm, that may actually be worth a try). Major equipment changes the morning of a big race. Screw this coaching gig! I want to kick their butts.

Your ever humble and gracious Triswami.

Monday, February 23, 2009

This guy's wife will hurt you!!!!!!!

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

I understand why this dude in the picture, Richard Kenmuir, does a lot of swim,bike, run workouts. ..........It gets him away from the dungeon!!! AKA- Linda Kenmuir's home fitness studio.
Log on to www.fit2000usa and take a gander at her workout routines. To RK's credit, he is often her "client" in these workout videos and even leads some of the sets. But, make no mistake, she is the mastermind behind these on-line floggings. This site is phenomenal once you learn how to navigate it.............and interpret the audio- These 2 rock spiders have been living on this side of the pond for several years, now and there kids have a loverly southeastern US dialect. Richard and Linda, however, continue to speak in heavy RSA. At least, they have stopped speaking in Afrikans (sp?). But, I digress. Just watch the video and ignore the soft-spoken gibberish.
Triathletes, if you find it hard to fit in your strength training sessions, this is your site. A 20-30 minute on-line video session w Linda twice per week and that is all you need. So, as your triathlon volume increases and your available time for strength training decreases, this site is a great way to get in a short, but productive strength set.
You can do these workouts from home, office, or in the gym. You just need your laptop, a swiss, ball, 2 light-medium dumbells and a mat.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No finer people.....................

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

I just want to take this moment to congratulate a couple of friends who just got married. Since I didnt get clearance from them I guess I cant I.D. them, but if you know them, then you recognize them and if you don't, then what's in a name? Except to say that now they have the same name.

See, I promised I'd write something of substance today.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

No respect, I tell ya!!!!!

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

Molina, schmolina!!!! I open up the newly formatted Inside Triathlon and see this article by Scott Molina regarding the advances in technology and as I am reading it, I am thinking "I have been saying these very things to my clients and on my website for some time!!!". I could have written the article myself.
So why does this nimrod get the print in a major publication as I plunder in obscurity on my lowly blog?! Does no one see the sheer genius in my ramblings.....erh, teachings? Scott wasnt even my favorite during his racing days. He was a fearless and relentless competitor, but I was always a Mike Pigg and Dave Scott groupie. Now, after 20 years, he mirrors my thoughts while stealing my thunder. Bastage!!!!!!
So, why did he get write the article instead of me? Oh sure, he was first overall at Ironman Hawaii in 1988 and he won another 103 races over the course of his career. So, what! I was first overall to record the race on VHS and I am sure that I have DONE 104 races. Two of which were, indeed, Overall wins. Marty's Quadrathlon in the mid 90's and the 2003 AORN 5k in Chi-town. Between the two races I assure you, there were at least 100 people........if you include volunteers and spectators. I have the street cred, dammit!!! Just ask me. So, what gives? I need sum luv from the media. This blogging is getting me nowhere. I need a major publication to recognize my phenomenal acheivements and quirky writing skills.
Tomorrow, or the next, or the next, I will actually write something of substance regarding that very issue of Inside Tri, which was dedicated to current tech trends.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Signing up v Throwin'down

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

Today one of my clients stated that she had experienced her 312th wake-up call. She was referring to the task that lay ahead in prepping for IM. Her wake up call was a 2 hour r ide in the hills. Now, she has been doing her homework, but all the trainer rides and core strength sessions cant replicate a windy ride in nasty hills. She did just fine, but me thinks she did not have fun and was having visions of a meltdown at the 12 IM bike ride if she felt this bad after 2 hours. I assured her that she was on schedule, but the time for skipped, shortened or slacker efforts expired on Feb 1.

It donned on me that truly might not appreciate what lies ahead. So, i shared with hr a paraphrased quote form the great Joe Paterno. he had used this, or something damn close to it after his team which had enjoyed great success the previous year and pre-season hype, but lost early in the season.................................................................... 'the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is essential."

This is sooooo true for those engaging in the first season of racing their first Ironman.

It's exciting to sign-up, envision the day, covet the t-shirt and justify the tattoo. Race day, or at least the thought of it, is "sexy". Getting up at 4a for 5a swim workout is not. The thought of being fit enough to complete an IM is awe inspiring, while the thought of a 4 hour training ride, on a morning that you wake up and just lying in bed you feel like have ALREADY done a 4 hour bike ride, is daunting.

So to borrow a bit from JoPa- "The desire to BE an ironman is nice, but the will to PREPARE for it is mandatory."



Friday, February 6, 2009

This guy was bad-arse!!!!!!!

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

No, this is NOT a picture of me from the early 90s (I was waaaaaaaay hotter!), nor is the above a link to my website. Leave it to Triswami to promote someone else who coaches, but I am compelled to do so, as a final anecdotal to my recent ramblings regarding "Train fast to go fast", etc. This guy is Michael McCormack (No, not Chris McCormack) and he won Overall titles, back-to-back, at IM Canada in the early 90s.......... as an amateur !!!!!!

The reason he is important to me is the way he went about training for his second title. Granted, he didnt train as he did by choice, but that is beside the point. What he did, was add a lot validity to the argument of Quality over Quantity. A very important concept for amateurs faced with limited training time while trying to prep for a 1/2IM or longer. I shall limit my text to this and simply ask you to click the link and read the "Less equals More, Quality versus Quantity" article.

PS- Group ride. Sat 8:30.Model Airplane fields. Triathadorks on road bikes. 50 miles. See you there.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the preacher said.....

............."Do as I say, not as I do !"
Conflicting motivations (wanting to train but happily obligated to a new business), deterents that needn't be (cold weather- why would that deter me from swimming indoors), a gap in vigilance (sleeping through my morning run) and simply biting off more than I can chew (poor planning/time management) add up to 2 missed workouts in the span of 12 hours.

Training has been going well and I am pleased, given the fact that it's early Feb. That doesnt ease the guilt when you are sitting here typing on your blog and the rest of your peers are stroking at Excel. Especially, after missing the Wed morning group run earlier today.

I DID get in a killer CTS podcast trainer ride this morning (when I finally got moving) but it doesnt ease the fact that I swim like a rock and need the pool time.

'Swami clients, dont let this be you! Stay on task. Keep your focus. Long warm days will be here soon enough and you want to be fit when they get here. Eye of the Tiger, Thousand Points of Lights, yada yada yada.

Until next time,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

I am sadly delinquent in keeping my postings up to date. In addition to my coaching business being strangely busy in the dead of winter, I have started a new business. It's jus-kine-ah-wutcha-do when your employer of 6 years becomes your former employer. So, in the interest of staying in touch but keeping in short and sweet; I leave you with these random thoughts-

Pale and fat is no way to enjoy a week in Florida.
Self employment has, thus far, been very busy. If I can get organized and into a routine, it could be great.
I am sick of indoor trainers and cold weather.....and we have at least 6 more weeks of this crapola.
My wife deserves a medal.
I owe a trip to Dan's new store- Endurance Sports and Recreation
Getting old sucks.
I hope Bruce recovers nicely.
Excel rocks!!!!!
The folks at Gran Fondo and Fleet Feet treat me like a rock star. I hope they never look at my race results.