Friday, February 6, 2009

This guy was bad-arse!!!!!!!

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No, this is NOT a picture of me from the early 90s (I was waaaaaaaay hotter!), nor is the above a link to my website. Leave it to Triswami to promote someone else who coaches, but I am compelled to do so, as a final anecdotal to my recent ramblings regarding "Train fast to go fast", etc. This guy is Michael McCormack (No, not Chris McCormack) and he won Overall titles, back-to-back, at IM Canada in the early 90s.......... as an amateur !!!!!!

The reason he is important to me is the way he went about training for his second title. Granted, he didnt train as he did by choice, but that is beside the point. What he did, was add a lot validity to the argument of Quality over Quantity. A very important concept for amateurs faced with limited training time while trying to prep for a 1/2IM or longer. I shall limit my text to this and simply ask you to click the link and read the "Less equals More, Quality versus Quantity" article.

PS- Group ride. Sat 8:30.Model Airplane fields. Triathadorks on road bikes. 50 miles. See you there.


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