Monday, February 23, 2009

This guy's wife will hurt you!!!!!!!

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I understand why this dude in the picture, Richard Kenmuir, does a lot of swim,bike, run workouts. ..........It gets him away from the dungeon!!! AKA- Linda Kenmuir's home fitness studio.
Log on to www.fit2000usa and take a gander at her workout routines. To RK's credit, he is often her "client" in these workout videos and even leads some of the sets. But, make no mistake, she is the mastermind behind these on-line floggings. This site is phenomenal once you learn how to navigate it.............and interpret the audio- These 2 rock spiders have been living on this side of the pond for several years, now and there kids have a loverly southeastern US dialect. Richard and Linda, however, continue to speak in heavy RSA. At least, they have stopped speaking in Afrikans (sp?). But, I digress. Just watch the video and ignore the soft-spoken gibberish.
Triathletes, if you find it hard to fit in your strength training sessions, this is your site. A 20-30 minute on-line video session w Linda twice per week and that is all you need. So, as your triathlon volume increases and your available time for strength training decreases, this site is a great way to get in a short, but productive strength set.
You can do these workouts from home, office, or in the gym. You just need your laptop, a swiss, ball, 2 light-medium dumbells and a mat.

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