Saturday, February 14, 2009

No respect, I tell ya!!!!!

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Molina, schmolina!!!! I open up the newly formatted Inside Triathlon and see this article by Scott Molina regarding the advances in technology and as I am reading it, I am thinking "I have been saying these very things to my clients and on my website for some time!!!". I could have written the article myself.
So why does this nimrod get the print in a major publication as I plunder in obscurity on my lowly blog?! Does no one see the sheer genius in my ramblings.....erh, teachings? Scott wasnt even my favorite during his racing days. He was a fearless and relentless competitor, but I was always a Mike Pigg and Dave Scott groupie. Now, after 20 years, he mirrors my thoughts while stealing my thunder. Bastage!!!!!!
So, why did he get write the article instead of me? Oh sure, he was first overall at Ironman Hawaii in 1988 and he won another 103 races over the course of his career. So, what! I was first overall to record the race on VHS and I am sure that I have DONE 104 races. Two of which were, indeed, Overall wins. Marty's Quadrathlon in the mid 90's and the 2003 AORN 5k in Chi-town. Between the two races I assure you, there were at least 100 people........if you include volunteers and spectators. I have the street cred, dammit!!! Just ask me. So, what gives? I need sum luv from the media. This blogging is getting me nowhere. I need a major publication to recognize my phenomenal acheivements and quirky writing skills.
Tomorrow, or the next, or the next, I will actually write something of substance regarding that very issue of Inside Tri, which was dedicated to current tech trends.

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