Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Missy props and a random rant

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

I am going to quit blogging and let Missy Hulbert handle my IT marketing and Social Media.
Is Social Media one of the 'mo-est terms ever created? Like sales and business folks using "synergy" and such. Wut-ehva!!!........are you feeding us lunch in exchange for our business relationship, or what? Say synergy one more time and I am eating a second Bread and Company lunch box on your dime. Synergy............................

Social Media is right there with synergy. Sure, I am using Social Media but did we really need a catch-all phrase for Twit/Face/Blog -o-matics? What's wrong with terms like "Twit or Facial"? Social Media..........................
Anyway, I digress, Missy's blog are hysterical and from the sound of things she has started a grass-roots movement of Nashvillians running in swimsuits. Ashley is gonna be pissed!!!

.......and she uses the "(see the subject matter in this picure) word" on her blog, a lot. I dont think I could get away with that.


  1. Hahahaha...you will NEVER see me runnin' in my suit...I am still trying to perfect the take the pants off as I simultaneously jump in the pool...magic!

  2. Oh dearest Richard, YOU are too kind. I love to rant, drivel, bitch and maybe talk about tris a time or two - that's for sure. I have a problem now, everyone is expecting me to run in my swimsuit. Tilghman, you can do it, who cares (I'm not shredded by any stretch) - give the old men in the park a thrill. Even better, we'll streak together...in our speedos OF COURSE.

  3. I liked Missy right away - love me a fellow potty mouther, but when I saw her post the pictures for word(less) wed - I fell in love.

    My catch all phrase is: "My Face" It's catchy. Even when I want to say facebook - it's slips out first...