Monday, March 9, 2009

Lessons learned, re-learned and re-iterated

Providing unsolicited advice since 1996................

No, this is not a cat-themed blogspot, despite the last two pictures. This one is intended to be more of a self-portrait.

This weekend was exhausting and most of it was self-induced. Along the way, though, I was enlightened to a few things. Some old and some new.
The old-
1. My swimming sucks.
2. The first hard rides of Spring are humbling.
3. Alcohol (in excess) and training do not mix.
4. You cant ride "easy" in the hills or into a head wind.
The new-
1. J.C. is a sandbagging, deceitful, bastich!!!! Now, before you thumpers get all indignant; I am talking about the real J.C.- Joseph Conrad.
2. J.C. has created a new product- Ass'll have to ask him.
3. Andy Byrn has a serious drinking problem and he keeps getting me involved.
4. No matter how many times you take a new (to the family) dog outside, if she wants to crap inside, she'll hold it through a 1/2 mile walk and 30 minutes of play time in the backyard, just to make a deposit on your Persian rug.
5. My swimming still sucks.
Here was my weekend itinerary-
Off of limited sleep (new dog) :-(
Walk dog, round up "indoor cat(s)" who have taken a liking to the back deck and decided that today would be the day to chase birds into the neighbors yard, get "lost" and scare his parents. I think he was pissed at the attention the new gal was getting.
3.5 hours on tri-bike w/ Bruce Gennari (one lunged, or not, he is still the best around), Kevin Crossman (trying out BG's 2008 tri-bike, and determined to "make it fast" so he could justify the purchase), Heath "I am either late or lost" Clark, Andy "Nordmeyer is paying dividends"Byrn, Todd "Go hard early and limp home" Collins, Richard "I'll bury myself and everyone with me" Kenmuir, and a cameo by Chris "Zone 4, but I'll say otherwise" Conlee- aka "Google Earth"
Mowed the lawn for the first time this year........and so it begins.
USAT-SE Tri Expo. Those who have been putting this on for 3 years, now, do a great job and we should all appreciate them for it. That said, this year's was a bit underwhelming. It was posted to run until 4p, but when we got there at 2:30, half the vendors were packed up and gone. Perhaps the fact it was held in March on a sunny day and people were out training. The previous 2 were held in Jan/Feb. I also understand that their lunch supplier bailed out at the last minute and left the organizers without lunch to serve the attendees. Who knows, but it just wasn't as I had come to expect.
Mafiosa's for Excel Party. Beer, Beer, Beer, Pizza, Beer, Pizza, Beer, Beer. Man, let me tell ya what!!!! After a few beers, not only did the people get better looking and the conversation more engaging, but I looked stunning and was the absolute focus of the event. It was magical..........
Asleep on the couch after being chauffeured home by my beautiful and tolerant wife. Can you believe that the lies I told 23 years ago have kept her around this long? I said she was beautiful, not brilliant.
2 hr "recovery" ride with JC. Well, I was certainly thinking a lot about the other JC. Mr Conrad did not flog himself aerobically, or indulgently, on Saturday. So, my recovery ride turned into a "You go ahead Joseph, just take a left at the next crossroads and wait for me when that road ends" kind of ride. Joseph was strong and I was pathetic. He has just eliminated any excuse to miss the Saturday rides. Ridicule and guilt will reign should he not participate.
Home, in a zombie state. Minor early Spring projects involving a skill saw, hammer, etc etc,
Run errands (returning flawed dog -related supplies to retailer) in a zombie state.
Excel T30 in a zombie state. Ass handed to me by all my peers....................................and the Senior Citizen water-aerobic class.
Get report from Melanie on the latest dog "tricks". Grill chicken on the deck. Pass out.


  1. Ha! Magical Beer Nights are the BEST!! Yeah beer!

  2. I agree on the expo. Joe and I wondered if it was just us...but, yes, I'll say publically it was somewhat miserable. Lack of planning?

    Mafiosa' Yes...Joe and I watched the entertainment from the bar'll have to ask Kathy P about our comments from the peanut gallery. Hope we can get out again soon as Excel...and don't worry - my swimming sucks a LOT more than yours...